Strengthen muscles and melts fat, exercise smarter not harder!

EMS Tesla Portable is the only procedure that helps women and men strengthen muscles and shape the body. Also, this is device that provides the world’s first non-invasive glute lift.

It is based on high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy. Each treatment with the device causes thousands of powerful muscle contractions, which are extremely important in improving muscle tone and strength.


1.  Builds muscles and melts fat at the same time
2.  Non-invasive glute tightening procedure
3.  It suits everyone – no anesthesia, no operative procedures
4.  30-minute treatment
5.  Only 4 treatments are needed with an interval of 2-3 days
6.  Feeling of intense training
7.  Safe, no waiting between treatments
8.  Results are visible immediately, but are even better after 2-4 weeks

Procedure, step by step

The frequency and time parameters of the treatment are set according to the feeling of the actual movement.

1.  Stretching 1 min
2.  Warming up for 5 min
3.  Training with load 5 min first exercise
4.  Training with load 5 min second exercise
5.  Training with load 5 min third exercise
6.  Training with load 5 min fourth exercise
7.  Final stretch

Each group is basically a stepped configuration, which is suitable for all people, all training purposes, with different frequencies and intensities to achieve the best results.

Muscle strengthening

Muscle Strengthening – Adopting HI-EMT (High Intensity Energy Magnetic Wave Fields) technology to continuously strengthen your own muscles, perform vigorous training, deepen the remodeling of the internal muscle structure and grow myofibrils (enlargement of muscles).

The production of a new muscle protein chain and muscle fibers for training and increasing the density and volume of muscles, speaks in favor of the fact that with this modern device it is possible to shape muscles in a smart way.

Fat breakdown

Fat Breakdown – 100% HI-EMT technology limit muscle contraction can cause a large amount of fat breakdown. Fatty acids are broken down from triglycerides and accumulate in large amounts in fat cells.

The concentration of fatty acids is too high, which will lead to the apoptosis of fat cells and their removal from the body through metabolism within a few weeks. Therefore, EMS Shaper can strengthen and increase muscle mass, while simultaneously achieving a fat-reducing effect.

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