* Appliance warranty: 24 months and 12 months for products with bulbs and heaters

* Warranty of accompanying equipment: 6 months (or the maximum number of flashes for epilation devices)

The customer (business consumer) has the right to request a refund within 8 days of purchase, without giving reasons and additional costs. In order to exercise any of your rights when returning the purchased product, the ordered goods must not be damaged or worn.

The customer can ask for a refund within 30 days from the day of purchasing the product, if he notices errors or product non-conformity. It is necessary to inform the manufacturer (seller) in writing what type of malfunction he has observed on the device.

Manufacturer or the seller will check the correctness of the technical parameters in his authorized service center and inform the buyer about it within no longer than 8 days. If it is found to be incorrect (non-conformity), the customer will be refunded.

The customer can ask for a replacement of the device within 6 months if there is a malfunction, the device stops working or there are some irregularities in relation to the technical characteristics shown in the instructions. It is necessary to inform the manufacturer about this in writing. The seller will respond to the customer’s complaint within 8 days. The manufacturer’s (seller’s) report contains all the necessary documentation with a check of the correctness of the device, a check of the technical parameters. The submitted documentation protects the buyer and the producer during possible expert testimony in court. Any authorized expert can check the technical parameters based on the manufacturer’s (seller’s) checklist.

The customer has the right to complain about the product during the warranty period.

All VECOM sellers and distributors are required to give this notice to the customer for signature. In case they did not deliver to the customer for signature, they bear the responsibility and consequences if the customer wants to return the product.

The authorization is issued in 2 copies, 1 copy is retained by the buyer, 2 by the seller.




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